Our Trip To Laddakh- Fun, Thrill and Adventure


Driving is a passion of most of the guys. Felling the rush of adrenaline in blood veins cannot be described. It’s something beyond expression. Those who have a craze for driving can take up long route without experiencing any feeling of tiredness or discomfort.  I am one of those who can make plans any time without giving a second thought to it. If I get time to arrange things then preparation starts 2 days prior. I like driving on the muddy roads. So I prefer going to remote or rather unexplored areas of the country. I remember one of my trips was to Laddakh. I call it a heaven’s drive.

The drive was beautiful. From high-peak Mountains to sparkling rivers, we crossed everything. The whole trip was amazing till the time the tire didn’t ditch us. While driving towards the elevated paths, we found that the front tire was deflated. For a moment we were all very worried and confused. The only remedy was to search for a puncture repairing shop. But then we realized that we had a Rajyogi puncture solution kit with us. It is a very simple method of curing the problem. This kit has a tire sealant which fixes the area of air leakage and an air compressor which is used for filling the air back to tires. It is a time and effort saving process. Just after few minutes we were back on our track. It is good to carry a puncture solution kit always, no matter where you are driving, this evil can catch you anywhere. 



Have you ever been in a situation when you are on a road and tire got busted? Everyone one of us has experienced this scary moment in our lives. That first thing that strikes is ‘now what’. Innovators keep on researching how to control tire punctures. Various solutions have evolved like thick rubber tires, tubeless tires etc. at the end every tire suffers from the same problem. Hence, in order to control tire punctures and ensure you smooth ride  Rajyogi came up with a new product which is Care PSK Puncture Solution Kit. The whole kit is designed to give you proper solution to the problem of puncture.
This puncture solution kit helps you to save your efforts. After a puncture every one of us starts dragging our vehicle to find a puncture shop. Once we find a shop then a lot of time is wasted while repairing. With this solution money and efforts both can be saved.  In addition to this, it is easy to repair a puncture with this kit because it provides you tire sealant and a power air compressor. Using this kit to repair punctures is never tiring. The only aim of Rajyogi’s Care PSK Puncture Solution Kit is to keep you on road without any problem.